Evolution Veterinary Specialists (EVS)

EVS Final Logo

Evolution Veterinary Specialists (EVS) is a veterinary hospital in Lakewood Colorado. As a new business, EVS needed all new marketing collateral to get up and running.

The o2 Group began by designing a logo and identity package that would set the tone for all their other marketing materials.

The main objective in the logo design was to create a mark that conveys science while avoiding the cliché caricatures so often used in veterinary logos. The o2 Group worked extensively with the owners and came up with a number of powerful logos. In the end, EVS chose one that uses outlines of a cat and dog combined with their initials that incorporates the Rod of Asclepius, the ancient Greek symbol associated with medicine.

In designing the website, the main goals were to have an interactive site where clients and referring veterinarians could learn about EVS and it’s providers. The site also functions as an important resource for pet owners to schedule appointments, contact staff, and download PDFs to help them learn more about their pet’s prognosis and treatment.

After completing the logo and website, EVS returned to the o2 Group to have them design downloadable PDFs with additional pet care information.

Check out the site and see why EVS new marketing materials are the cat’s meow.

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