Devil’s Dictionary

Polsinelli lawyers had already published a book called The Devil’s Dictionary. The purpose behind the book was to take sophisticated bankruptcy and restructuring terms and ideas and simplifies them, often in a humorous (hopefully), but still accurate way. Initially, Polsinelli approached us to help transform the book into an iPhone and iPad app.

Taking the original InDesign document from the book’s print version, o2 automated the transformation of all the terms and definitions into XML and imported them into a sqlLite DB for iOS. The resulting app is a dictionary that allows the user to easily search and navigate through an index of terms. The app also has the capability to add user’s favorite terms to a list and email the term to colleagues and friends. The display adapts seamlessly to landscape and portrait modes for iPhones and iPads.

After a few years later, in order to reach a wider audience, Polsinelli took the app to the next step by creating a full-blown website. Devil’s Dictionary is now available in print, as an app, and online.

Download the Devils’ Dictionary App here

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Devil's Dictionary App