Event Production & Management

Some say our event planning surpasses the building of the pyramids. Others say that in order to create an event experience on par with ours, you would have to tear a hole in the fabric of space and time, enter a parallel dimension, kidnap us and bring us to your universe. Needless to say… we put on a pretty good show.


The o2 Group team has over 20 years of experience in the special events industry, producing everything from small, intimate events to large, scalable events that accommodate 10,000+ people. We will customize your event to fit your message and budget. You’ll always find us hooking up the latest technology to enhance the experience – after all, that’s what it’s all about, the experience. Our expertise and extensive knowledge of the industry allow us to create an event your guests will long remember.


We offer a range of services to ensure your event is planned and executed in a seamless and efficient manner. Some of our services included:

  • Complete Event Planning from concept to completion
  • Consistent Show Branding, including banners and signage
  • Extensive Live Event Experience, including lighting, audio and video
  • Access to Talent Worldwide, including announcers and models
  • Scalable to any Attendance
  • Innovation through Pre-Production and strike
  • Photo and Video Services


Wait, there’s more!

From the initial concept and innovation to the planning, production and execution, we offer valuable insight at any stage of the planning process. We ensure you are maximizing the potential of your event. In addition to planning and producing events, our experiential marketing approach puts the o2 Group in the unique position to offer video and photography services to our clients. The benefit of this, regardless of your event – award show, sales/shareholder’s meeting, fundraiser, trade show experiences – is that you will have complete, professional documentation to keep the event alive even after the doors close.